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The company was born in 2010. Its young age has always been supported by the Know-How of its founders and technicians, who have been working in dental industry for 30 years, producing brand-label medical devices.
The success obtained in such a short time and the results of R&D department in creating and studying always different products, have taken the idea of bringing to life this new company, with the ambition of growing even more, offering innovative, original, high quality level products really produced in Italy, on the market.
The operative headquarter is in Fagnano Olona in the industrial area where many other high technological level companies operate into other delicate and difficult sectors, such as the automotive one. Zenzero Srl works with UNI EN ISO 9001 e 13485 Quality System Managing whereas for the production of some medical devices has got CE certification of System Quality Product approval, certified by the Notified Body n. 0068.


Quasar Dental Equipment philosophy is pretty easy: to build products following that quality and those standards for which Italy has always been famous for. QUASAR DENTAL EQUIPMENT products have been studied for the dentist and the dental technician, who requires security and quality in his works on the patient, who needs ergonomics and facility on the execution of its job and rejects dangerous and poor quality in exchange for low cost.
Quality is not a loss but a profit, which always pays the competence.

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