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Quasar Dental Equipment rubber polishers are used to shine gold, amalgam, composite, resin, zirconium, ceramic, metal.

Our range of products is complete for every demand and it’s so composed:

• coarse grain rubber polishers used for the first roughing passage
• medium grain rubber polishers used for finishing
• fine grain rubber polishers used for finishing and polishing
• extra-fine grain rubber polishers used for bright glazing.

Using all the four passage above suggested permits to reach the best result and preserves the life of the item. Statistically, every rubber polishers can last for nearly 10 fillings.

The obtained result permits not to do any other finishing treatment (for example polishing paste).

Depending on the oiliness of the material, if obtained by a good finishing made by a tungsten bur, it is possible to avoid one or more polishing steps.


To avoid to cause too much heat and to obtain a perfect glazing use water spray (min. 50 ml/min). This will give the rubber polishers more efficient, because the thin particles of abrasive filled into the rubber polisher, particles of gold, amalgam, resin,
ceramic will be removed by water.

In order to cool down in a focused area and to avoid the extreme formation of spurt on direction of the engine, we suggest to proceed with external cool down pointed between the instrument and the area to be treated.

Sterilize in autoclave max 120°C for Gold – Amalgam / max 140°C for Ceramic, Composite, Resin and Diamond.

For a better result the suggested number of rev. per minute is the following:

• First and second passage: 10.000 rev. per minute
• Third and fourth passage: 6.000/8.000 rev. per minute diamond, resins, composite.

Security: do not eat, keep out of children reach.

Sterilization: before use, rubber polishers must be sterilized in autoclave:

• Gold and amalgam polishers: sterilize in autoclave max 120°C
• Ceramic: sterilize in autoclave max 140°C
• Resins and composite: sterilize in autoclave max 140°C

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